Transit 2008 Review

If you love action, adventure and to keep you sitting on your seat, you won’t want to miss Transit which this one came out in 2008. The story of this movie was following a guy name Santiago who worked for the police as a car thief and a supposedly electronic genius. There weretransitmovie different events going on that involve the crimes of various organizations. An auto theft ring was going on in the community and he was trying to solve the mystery. To add more insult to injury, there were several law enforcement branches that was fighting against each other.

The Transit 2008 movie brought on a bunch of artists that was part of it. The movie cast basically had to talk in French. You get to see some car races among the actors that had to act like they were against each other. It is a typical action done in a lot of movies that was something similar to the Fast and the Furious series.

The script was a hit among the people who understood French. This review was interesting to do despite how much information that I know about this movie and had to translate or tell what it’s about. This movie is categorized in the action arena because of the actions done in the movie. You won’t get bored as long as action scenes are on. If you love to see some adventure as well, this movie would be categorized in that area too.

You can order this movie online which is the good news. However, if you don’t understand French, there might not be any that have the English subtitles to understand what goes on in the movie. This is a good way to get you motivated to learn French at your own pace. Above all, this is a great movie that would keep you interested and you ended up telling your friends about it.