Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

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There is nothing better than sitting next to the person you love to watch a romantic movie. Watching two people fall in love, watching their wedding, and seeing the love that they share all make for a great romantic movie. If you are not sure which movie to watch, the following movies are the top 5 most romantic movies of all time.

#5 A Walk to Remember

This is the story of the God fearing, reverend’s a walk to rememberdaughter, Jamie Sullivan and bad boy turned good, Landon Carter. After his is involved in a prank where a classmate was hurt, the judge ordered Landon to tutor under privileged children and star in the school play. These are two things that Jamie does voluntarily. At first, the two of them but heads, but soon, Landon begins to see all the wonderful things about Jamie. He looks in her notebook one day and sees a list of things that she want to do before she dies. On their first date, Landon helps her do three of them. The closer Jamie and Landon get, the more angry his friends become. They take photos of Jamie’s face and photoshoped it on a naked body and passed them around school. Landon gets angry and punches his best friend in the face, before running off with Jamie. On one of their dates, Jamie breaks down and tells Landon that she has incurable cancer and that she is dying. Landon takes it really hard and goes to his estranged father, who is a doctor, for help. When he finally accepts that there is no hope, he decides to make what little time left special, and he marries Jamie. After Jamie passes away, Landon takes everything that he learned from her about faith, love, loyalty, and honor, and he becomes a better person. He visits Jamie’s father at the end of the movie, and lets him know that he was accepted to medical school. This movie is not only romantic, but it shows how to value the moments – as it’s described here at – “We do not remember days nor presents, we remember moments!”.

#4 Pretty Woman

This is the story of a prostitute onpretty woman Hollywood Boulevard, named Vivian Ward, who meets a millionaire Edward Lewis, who is in town on business. He was planning to take over a company, and take it apart piece by piece, and sell everything off. The company’s owners were not happy. Edward’s girlfriend calls him from back home and tells him that their relationship is over. Edward takes a friend’s car and gets lost. He asks Vivian for directions, and he ends up taking her to his hotel. The couple spends the night watching movies and eating room service. The next morning, he offers Vivian a proposition. Because he would need to attend a variety of events to conclude his business, he asks Vivian to spend the week with him in exchange for a large amount of money. She agrees and he sends her out shopping for appropriate clothes. After she is treated badly in a store, she returns to Edward’s hotel where she has a run in with the hotel manager. After they talk, he makes a phone call to a Beverly Hills store and lets them know that she needs help finding a dress. When Edward asks why she only bought one dress, she tells him about the store employees who treated her badly. He puts work off and takes her on a shopping spree. Throughout the week, the two of them went to the opera, to dinner, and to a polo match. During this time, the started to fall in love. Edward’s love for Vivian has a serious effect on him, and he decides not to take the company that is is trying to take over, apart. Instead, he tells the business owners that he is going to invest in their company and help the hold onto it. This makes Edward’s business associate very angry. He shows up at the hotel and attacks Vivian. Edward comes in, punches his associate, and throws him out. He offers to put Vivian up in a nice apartment and give her money before he returns home. Vivian wants more so she turns him down. Vivian returns to her apartment on Hollywood Boulevard and Edward checks out of the hotel and heads to the airport. During the drive, he has a change of heart. He goes to Vivian’s house to confess his love to her. They kiss on her balcony, and live happily ever after. This is definitely one of the most romantic movies of all time.

#3 Dirty Dancing

This is the story of daddy’s girl, Baby Howsman,dirty dancing
and bad boy dance instructor Johnny Castle. Baby’s father takes them to a resort for the summer, where baby meets Johnny. At first, he thinks that Baby is a spoiled little girl, and she is amazed by Johnny and his life. She is taking a walk one night and sees one of the dance instructors. Penny, crying. She finds out that she is pregnant and needs to have an abortion. The only day that she can get to a doctor is when she and Johnny were supposed to do a dance show at another resort. After a heated discussion, Baby agrees to step in. Baby and Johnny work together every day to get her ready for the show. Eventually, they fall in love. After the show, Baby and Johnny return to the resort to find Penny in extreme pain after her botched abortion. Baby runs to her father for help. Her father arrives, and assumes that Johnny was the one who got her pregnant. He takes Baby home and forbids her to see Johnny again. The two start sneaking around. After a theft in the hotel, Johnny is fired and Baby is devastated that she won’t be seeing him ever again. At the final show of the summer, Johnny and his dancer friends storm the stage and Johnny makes a speech about how wonderful he thinks Baby is. The group begins to dance. When Baby’s father tries to stop him from getting to her, Johnny says the classic line, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” The two begin dancing with the group. Soon, everyone gets up and starts dancing. After Baby’s father finds out that it wasn’t Johnny who got Penny pregnant, he apologizes. Baby and Johnny continue dancing together as the movie closes. This movie definitely deserves its place in the top romantic movies of all time.

#2 Titanic

This movie uses the tragedy that is the Titanic,titanic
and makes the the setting for one of the most beautiful love stories ever told. The movie opens in the present day, with a group of researchers and explorers on a boat near the site where the Titanic sank. They have robots that are capable of moving through the sunken ship in search for a diamond necklace, known as The Heart of the Ocean. The robot comes up with a safe, which they hoped contained the necklace. Unfortunately, all it help was a brush, a mirror, a hair comb, and a drawing of a beautiful, young, naked woman.

The story then goes to a very old woman who is watching the news. The man who is running the expatiation on the news with the drawing that he found. He old woman sees that it is her in the picture and calls the man, and he flies her out to the boat to tell her story.

The story then goes to the beautiful, Rich, Rose DeWitt Pekatur as she is boarding the Titanic with her mother, her very rich fiance, Cal, and Cal’s henchman. In a bar on the other side of town, you see Jack Dawson, winning his third class ticket on the Titanic.

On the boat, young Rose is very depressed. She hates the fact that she is being forced to marry Cal to help her family with their financial problems. In her devastation, she goes on the ship’s deck and prepares to jump off. Jack sees her and talks her down. As he tries to help her over the railing, she slips. Jack catches her just in time and covers for her when Cal arrives. As a reward, Jack is invited to dinner in the first class dining room with Rose and Cal. The next day, Rose seeks out Jack to make sure he will remain quiet about her attempted suicide. Jack shows her his drawings, and she sees that he is a talented artist. At the dinner, Jack manages to impress Rose so much that she agrees to go to a party held by the steerage passengers. The two dance and have a great time, and they begin to fall in love. Unfortunately, Cal’s henchman follows them and reports back to Cal that they were together. The next day, Cal slaps Rose in the face and her mother warns her not to ruin things for them by losing Cal. Rose tries to break it off with Jack, but she can’t. She is too much in love. She takes him to her room, where she puts on nothing but “The Heart of the Ocean”, and Jack sketches her. After, the couple made love. A few minutes later, the boat crashes into the iceberg and begins to sink. Jack and Rose fight to get to the deck to get on a lifeboat. Finally, they realize that there is no hope, so the two go down with the ship. Jack helps Rose stay alive while laying on a door in the water. By the time the lifeboats come back, Jack is dead. When rescue boats come, they ask Rose her name, she lies and says her name is Rose Dawson. She lets her mother and Cal believe that she is dead, so she can start a new life. At the end, Rose as an old woman throws the “Heart of the Ocean” overboard. She dies in her sleep and finds herself back on the Titanic as her young self. She sees all of the people who died on the ship, and she meets Jack at the clock where the two of them met before going to the party in steerage. Not only is this an incredibly romantic movie, it will also make you cry.

#1 The Notebook

This is the story of a poor man named Noahthe notebook who falls in love with the rich and sophisticated Allie. Allie’s mother disapproves of the relationship and takes Allie out of town. Noah writes her a letter every day for a year, which her mother intercepts. Over time, Allie moves on and gets engaged to a rich former solider named Lon. Noah purchases his dream house that he told Allie that he would renovate for her someday. He fixes the whole place up while pining for her. Allie is in the city one day and sees a newspaper article featuring Noah and the house. She packs up and goes to visit him. They spend a couple days together, and Allie realizes that she loves him.

The story jumps back and forth to the present day, with a man reading to a woman from a journal which told Noah and Allie’s story. The woman listening to the story is Allie, but she doesn’t know because she has Alzheimer’s. She comes out of her dementia briefly and remembers that the man reading the journal is Noah and she is Allie. That night, the couple falls asleep together and die in each others arms. This tear jerker is the most romantic movie of all time.

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