Worst Action Movies Of All Time

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Action movies never get boring and always leave you at the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, some action movies leave you wanting to walk out. Below is a list of the worst 3 action movies of all time.

#3 Batman and Robin

batman & robinWith a star studded cast, including George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Therman, and Alicia Silverstone, you would think that this movie would be a hit. Unfortunately, thanks to the graphics and the dialogue, this movie is awful.

#2 Poseidon

batman & robinThis is a remake of the 1970’s film, The Poseidon Adventure. The original movie was a hit. Unfortunately, the remake wasn’t so great. The character’s story lines were awful, and the special effects were just as bad.

#1 Lost in Space

This movie is based on the 1960’s televisionLost in Space show Lost in Space.
Unfortunately, this movie was not nearly as popular as the television show.

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