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Worst Action Movies Of All Time

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Worst Action Movies Of All Time

Action movies never get boring and always leave you at the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, some action movies leave you wanting to walk out. Below is a list of the worst 3 action movies of all time.

#3 Batman and Robin

batman & robinWith a star studded cast, including George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Therman, and Alicia Silverstone, you would think that this movie would be a hit. Unfortunately, thanks to the graphics and the dialogue, this movie is awful.

#2 Poseidon

batman & robinThis is a remake of the 1970’s film, The Poseidon Adventure. The original movie was a hit. Unfortunately, the remake wasn’t so great. The character’s story lines were awful, and the special effects were just as bad.

#1 Lost in Space

This movie is based on the 1960’s televisionLost in Space show Lost in Space.
Unfortunately, this movie was not nearly as popular as the television show.

Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

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Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

There is nothing better than sitting next to the person you love to watch a romantic movie. Watching two people fall in love, watching their wedding, and seeing the love that they share all make for a great romantic movie. If you are not sure which movie to watch, the following movies are the top 5 most romantic movies of all time.

#5 A Walk to Remember

This is the story of the God fearing, reverend’s a walk to rememberdaughter, Jamie Sullivan and bad boy turned good, Landon Carter.¬†After his is involved in a prank where a classmate was hurt, the judge ordered Landon to tutor under privileged children and star in the school play. These are two things that Jamie does voluntarily. At first, the two of them but heads, but soon, Landon begins to see all the wonderful things about Jamie. He looks in her notebook one day and sees a list of things that she want to do before she dies. On their first date, Landon helps her do three of them. The closer Jamie and Landon get, the more angry his friends become. They take photos of Jamie’s face and photoshoped it on a naked body and passed them around school. Landon gets angry and punches his best friend in the face, before running off with Jamie. On one of their dates, Jamie breaks down and tells Landon that she has incurable cancer and that she is dying. Landon takes it really hard and goes to his estranged father, who is a doctor, for help. When he finally accepts that there is no hope, he decides to make what little time left special, and he marries Jamie. After Jamie passes away, Landon takes everything that he learned from her about faith, love, loyalty, and honor, and he becomes a better person. He visits Jamie’s father at the end of the movie, and lets him know that he was accepted to medical school. This movie is not only romantic, but it shows how to value the moments – as it’s described here at – “We do not remember days nor presents, we remember moments!”.

#4 Pretty Woman

This is the story of a prostitute onpretty woman Hollywood Boulevard, named Vivian Ward, who meets a millionaire Edward Lewis, who is in town on business. He was planning to take over a company, and take it apart piece by piece, and sell everything off. The company’s owners were not happy. Edward’s girlfriend calls him from back home and tells him that their relationship is over. Edward takes a friend’s car and gets lost. He asks Vivian for directions, and he ends up taking her to his hotel. The couple spends the night watching movies and eating room service. The next morning, he offers Vivian a proposition. Continue Reading »